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Services PLEMSA is a company that is known for its strict high-tech processes and quality, ensuring its customers products that meet the highest industry standards, performed by highly qualified staff that meets the safety standards and quality control, necessary to meet 24 hours a day, a high level of production, backed by the best machinery and technology.

Our supply is very wide, as is our capacity. And therefore we offer the following:

  • Extrusion and Coextrusion
  • Flexographic Printing
  • Rolling
  • Court
  • Bagging

Extrusion y Coextrusion
In the extrusion process, flexible films are elaborated, by blow film, in monolayer extruder or coextrusions up to three layers, that satisfafy the need of our customers.

Flexographic Printing
The print process has art machines, unique in Latin America. Their precision, finished and capacity are our pride.

Also, is important to say that we have an art and design department to disposition of our customers.

So we can manufacture flexible packages in different presentations and sizes, also in different types of materials, satisfying the demand of the food market, commercial and industrial, as:

  • Security products and logistic.
  • Laminates products.
  • Bags and polyethylene Films (printed and no printed).
  • Stand up Pouche.
  • Special Films.
  • Supermarket Bags.

The lamination process is joining materials that forming each structures, ensuring the properties required, like lamination strenght and zero solvent retention. We use adhesives, solvent less and solvent base.

LAMINATES PRODUCTS (Films, zipper bags, stand up pouche, fin seal, stamp T) with resistente, freshness, hygiene and safety. And there are for the following types:

  • Snacks and tostadas.
  • Butter and oils.
  • Explosives.
  • Detergents.
  • Candies.
  • Powders and liquids.
  • Medical Purposes.
  • Viscous food, dehydrated and frozen.
  • Pet food.

Special Films
We also have designed special Films and/or developed to the needs of the customers, with mechanical and Chemical properties specif as:

  • Sealability
  • Antiestatic
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Shrinkage
  • Pasteurization
  • Refundable
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