Plasticos Especializados de Monterrey, is a 100% mexican company, was founded in 1957 like a company destinated to produce specialized flexible Packages and this company helps to born a new company at Mexico City, it name is PLASTINAL.

Actually we have offices at Monterrey, Mexico City and Guadalajara; and sales representatives around the country.

Plemsa distributed their products in all around of Mexico and since 1988 in USA, Center and South America.

The quality that distinguishes our company is the versatility of our flexible packages and the Diversity of them.


Producing and converting flexible packaging for national and international market, generating integral solutions with adequate technology, lend time and functionality that differentiate us in the processes and requirements of packaging for our customers.


Complying with the requirements established of the processes or products


The product that elaborate does not cause or damage to the customers.


Carrying out actions that permit us to locate and evaluate risk to establish measured to prevent accidents


We are recognized the best solution in the market of packaging specialized, by innovation, personal certificate and integration of the processes of our customers.


At PLEMSA, We manufacture and design specialized flexible packaging with the highest quality and inncuousness standars require by the customer. Counting with competent staff that contributes to comply with the regulations and laws applicable to our processes and products with efficient comunication with our staff, customers and suppliers that leads us to continuous improvement ensuring your satisfaction.

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